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In the summer of 1992, the idea of bringing together several artists in collaboration with the Sculpture School of Müllheim in Thurgau germinated in the mind of Ewald Brigger, a well-known sculptor from Upper Valais, affectionately known to the people of Morges as 'Don Michelangelo.'

This passionate man, deeply committed to his work, was eager to communicate and share his expertise. The idea was well-received, gained momentum, and eventually blossomed in the gardens of the castle.

EWALD BRIGGER - Founder 'I Live in Stone'

With talent and determination, Ewald Brigger, drawn by the magic of working with stone, initially pursued training as a sculptor in Sarnen, stone cutting in Brig, and later at the School of Applied Arts in Lucerne.

He graduated from the master's examination in Freiburg im Breisgau and then began professional work in restoration in Basel and Geneva. However, his particular inspirations came during a stay in the Carrara region in Pietra Santa, where he learned the art of working with marble at the Michelangelo Academy under Professor Rossini."

Organizing Committee



NICOLE TSCHANZ-FESSLER - Reception, accommodation & secretariat

OLIVIER CRETEGNY - Logistics & support for sculptors

30 years in 2022

From June 15 to 26, 2022, the Symposium celebrated its 15th edition, marking its 30th year of existence with dignity.

This anniversary edition, more European than usual due to COVID-19 related restrictions, welcomed around twenty artists from Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, and ... Mauritius.

Their positive spirit and generosity greatly contributed to the success of the event, and we thank them sincerely for it.


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