June 5 to 16, 2024

Come visit and discover the evolution of sculptures carved from stone with only the power of the hands, which narrate the stories of those who brought them to life.

Since 1992, the Symposium gathers professional and amateur artists every two years in a large open-air studio.

For 12 days, around twenty sculptors from all over the world give shape to their creations. Equipped with their working tools, they passionately shape the raw material, chisel, and polish it in tune with their inspiration, all under the eyes of the visitors The Symposium stands out for its "work in progress" character and "in situ" activity.

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Various activities and workshops will be offered to a wide audience

Far from museums, which allows the experience of completed works created by an artist years ago, the Symposium offers the public a completely different approach: Experiencing their birth.

The connections formed between the public and the sculptors, as well as among the sculptors themselves, allow for the vital exchange between human and art. At the Symposium, creation, technical skill, fraternity, sharing, and support reign supreme!

Who are we?

Summer 1992, on the shores of "Morges La Coquette." In the spirit of Ewald Brigger, a well-known sculptor from Upper Valais, known in Morges as "Don Michelangelo," the idea was born to gather several artists in collaboration with the Sculpture School of Müllheim im Thurgau on the lakeside.

10 days

of live


Free event, open to the public from June 5 to 16, 2024, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Evening events Saturday 8 and Friday 14, until 8:00 pm.

Selected Sculptors for 2024

Exhibition and sale of artworks


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