The sculptors


As a self-taught artist and one who believe in a spiritual world, art is a means for him to instill change in society. His preferred materials are river stones and wood. Seeming useless but environmentally safe, they transform into works of art. Alberto Gilbert has held solo and group exhibitions and has participated in several… Continue reading Alberto, Gilbert

1956 - GERMANY

A civil engineer by profession, she practices sculpture as a hobby. She began her sculptor training in 2003, starting with human figures. Later on, she leaned towards geometric figures in her art.

1974 - POLAND

After working for about ten years in the conservation of historical monuments as a specialist in stucco, Tomasz Bienlánski dedicated himself to sculpture under the guidance of professors at the Pedagogical Academy in Krakow. Nature and earth are the foundational elements of his work, which revolves around contemplation focused on the problems of civilization, complex… Continue reading Bielański, Tomasz

1953 - ITALY

Giovanni Carosi embarked on a 7-year journey exploring the world on a boat and returned to Tuscany, where sculpture became a calling for him in 1986. He went to Paris to study under Japanese masters. For him, "a sculpture is not a decorative object; it occupies its space and comes to life." Currently, he has… Continue reading Carosi, Giovanni

1969 - FRANCE

Stone sculptor based in Charente-Maritime, Sandrine Chaille primarily works with limestone, particularly the Thénac stone extracted from Saintonge. Her sculptures vary between figurative and abstract, depending on her creative impulses. Originally trained in housing renovation, she previously held the position of manager in a masonry company specializing in habitat renovation with rubble stones. Currently, she… Continue reading Chaillé, Sandrine

1966 - FRANCE

An artist who works as a painter/graphic designer and sculptor in the Niort region, he has lived in the vicinity of La Rochelle for over thirty years. In constant exploration, his work is primarily based on geometric forms. He assembles lines and colors according to his inspiration and desires as dictated by chance. His main… Continue reading Couthouis, Philippe


Born in Hamburg, Germany, he studied at sculpture schools in Freiburg, Germany, and Müllheim, Switzerland. He later established his studio in Lausanne. He has participated in various exhibitions and symposiums. He expresses his shyness through his tools in his artworks.

1966 - FRANCE

It is by observing his father sculpting wood that Bruno Férin initiates himself into the field of sculpture. After studying at the School of Fine Arts in Nancy, he refines his technique by seeking morphological accuracy, playing with balance and perspective.

1952 - SWITZERLAND - Non-professional

Non-professional. Five years of stone carving experience. First participation in a sculpture symposium.

1982 - FRANCE

Self-taught, Bruno Guyader began sculpting stone at the age of ten before deciding, in 2017, to pursue this profession full-time and make a living from it. With a preference for monumental pieces, he works on his sculptures in a studio that he has equipped for this purpose over the years. Most of the time, his… Continue reading Guyader, Bruno

1953 - SWITZERLAND - Non-professional

Non-professional. Eight years of stone carving experience. First participation in a sculpture symposium.


For Hervé Hoffmann, stone is destined to implement the spiritualization of matter and the materialization of the spirit. Without a fixed project, he opts for direct carving because he needs freedom. He also prefers the risk of a unique encounter with each stone, similar to human relationships. Because an intuitive approach allows him to listen,… Continue reading Hoffmann, Hervé


After attending the University of Zurich, Susan Kopp became a lawyer. She then attended the Müllheim School of Sculpture and pursued her art on a part-time basis. Currently, she works as an assistant at the sculpture studio of Gabriel Mazenauer in Wigoltingen, focusing on continuing education for adults with disabilities. She has received awards such… Continue reading Kopp, Susann

1960 - FRANCE

Born in Quimper, Anne Le Louarn lives and works in Rouans, where she sculpts in materials such as marble, slate schist, serpentine, onyx, bronze, aluminum, clay, and wood. For the past decade, she has been teaching sculpture and clay modeling. She has won numerous awards at exhibitions in France and abroad and has participated in… Continue reading Le Louarn, Anne

1974 - RUSSIA

Sergey Lopukhov was born in 1974 in Obninsk, Russia. He graduated from the School of Art Restoration in Suzdal, specializing in the restoration of stone architectural monuments, as well as from the National University of Arts and Industry in Moscow with G. Stroganov in the Faculty of Architectural and Decorative Plastics. He is a member… Continue reading Lopukhov, Sergey


Born in Switzerland, Gabriel Mazenauer studied sculpture at the Müllheim School. In 1992, he won the 1st prize at the Sculpture Symposium in Morges, and in 2003, he received the 1st prize for snow sculpture in Kiruna, Sweden. He has participated in several art exhibitions in Germany and France and collaborates with various galleries in… Continue reading Mazenauer, Gabriel


As a sculptor, Primin Meyer is interested in nature and its inexhaustible language. He enjoys working with opposites such as light and shadow, convex and concave, organic and crystalline forms. The search for balance and maximum tension between extremes are key elements in his works. You can find more about his work at

1977 - JAPAN

Marin Murakoshi is a Japanese artist based in Newton, Massachusetts, United States. She grew up in Kabira, one of the oldest small villages on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan. Marin began sculpting in her early thirties at the Art Students League of New York. Over the years, she has focused on direct carving of wood and… Continue reading Murakoshi, Marin

1989 - MAURICE

Jean Daniel Orian began his career as a sculptor at the age of 14 on the island of Mauritius. He further honed his technique through studies on the island of Réunion. His 15 years of experience have allowed him to win several awards and participate in numerous events, including the Public Prize and Youth Prize… Continue reading Orian, Jean Daniel

1989 - EGYPT

Her work began with abstract sculpture of organic forms. She now explores various mediums and techniques. Her approach is primarily focused on the study of form, her subjects, and sometimes nature. She mainly works with the manipulation of sounds and experiments with different street projects, including performances, sound projects, drawings, and with cartography as a… Continue reading Radwan, Mariam

1958 - FRANCE

Muriel Rosset began her work as a sculptor by studying forms in general. Currently, she combines both the aesthetics of forms and a sense of movement in her sculptures. Since 2011, she has participated in several symposiums at different locations. She was awarded the City of Morges Prize at the International Sculpture Symposium in 2017.

1964 - GERMANY

Christoph Schindler's current work is a fascinating fusion of sculpture and space. His study of nature and construction in various cultures leads him to create sculptures that are clear and powerful. He was awarded the Sculptors Prize and the City of Morges Prize at the International Sculpture Symposium in 2022.


Brigitte Schneider has been drawing since she was a child. She learned to draw nude figures in St-Gallen and later took courses at the sculpture school in Müllheim in 2007 and 2008. She participated in the sculpture path along the Murg in Frauenfeld in 2014 and won the "CNM - 100th Anniversary" competition at the… Continue reading Schneider, Brigitte

1952 - SWITZERLAND - Non-professional

Non-professional. Seven years of stone carving. First participation in a sculpture symposium.

1981 - FRANCE

Vincent Tétu was born in Guéret on February 13, 1981. After attending a stone carving and art history school in Angers in 2003, he continued his studies at a school for ornamental sculpture and heritage restoration at fo-re-pa-be in La Châtre, and the following year, he settled in Creuse. In 2007, he spent three months… Continue reading Tétu, Vincent

1960 - FRANCE

After his studies in technology, Pascal Veuillet found his passion in artistic creation. As a professional sculptor and performer, he has been sculpting for 25 years to express his emotions. Each of his creations tells a small part of his story, delivered with restraint and modesty.


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