Hoffmann, Hervé

Hoffmann, Hervé



For Hervé Hoffmann, stone is destined to implement the spiritualization of matter and the materialization of the spirit. Without a fixed project, he opts for direct carving because he needs freedom. He also prefers the risk of a unique encounter with each stone, similar to human relationships. Because an intuitive approach allows him to listen, see, and feel better. He works the stone in a kind of mutual accompaniment. Although the artist often leads, sometimes he must know how to let himself be led. Humility is present at all times, for working with stone does not succeed by relying on a power relationship or a show of force. But in the poetic intensity of nature. He won the special mention of the jury at the International Sculpture Symposium in Morges in 2007, and then the 1st Prize (Myron d'Or) in the 2009 edition.

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